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Meet some of our audience members



Mary is a 45 year old business owner who lives in Nairobi. She is a high spender, spending up to Ksh. 50,000 a month on high end household goods. She spends ksh.24000 on entertainment, sh.80,000 on school fees (for 3 months) and Ksh.6000 on her monthly insurance.



Korir is a 32 year old small scale farmer who lives in Uasin Gishu. He is a medium spender with a medium spend of Ksh. 12,000. He spends Ksh. 3,000 on transport, Ksh. 2,400 on food and slightly more on alcoholic drinks at 2,500Ksh. He uses 1,000 on airtime and saves the rest.



Judith is a 28 year old basket weaver from Homabay. Her daily wages are her primary source of income. She is a low spender, spending on average Ksh.9,000 per month on food, mainly milk, Maize flour and oil.

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